It’s 100% Normal To Experience Changes In Relationships

I am yet to see any relationship on earth that never experienced ups and downs before it is made perfect in love. Could you think of any? Have you seen in your entire life? If all you experience in your relationship is sweetness all the time then my dear you are not in a relationship. You ain’t enjoying anything! Has he no gall even if you pretend you have none? What human of your nature on having gall to keep living pretend you are an angel without the need of it? Even angels from heaven get angry and strike to express their displeasure. How much more humans!

We are not talking about being beaten up by your boyfriend to know you are in a real relationship,no. If your boyfriend beats you up whenever he is irritated or disappointed by you he has a very big attitude problem. If it becomes a habit he can’t fight to change,hello girl,you had better find your way out of his life. This is not the kind of change we are talking about here. We mean such changes as love turning cold from warm,uncertainty highing and things not working as expected. Is it normal to experience changes in relationship? Again yes.

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Here is how to deal with changes in your relationship

First understand that it is normal for partners in relationships to have some attitude changes after all,how could you tell if he or she is thinking whether his or her partner in a relationship is the right person for him or her? Change is a sign of progression remember.  If your partner is changing in the way he or she behaves,it means he or she is in the process of thinking of possibilities. You both should respect changes and allow your partner to make his or her decision. This is why relationship is for mature minds!

Secondly,why changes are taking place,do not shut the door of communication. Leave it open. Relationship is like school where you study the course of your choice. Your partner is your course choice. You need to attend classes to pass your course. Open the door of communication in your relationship even though it is difficult to understand at the moment. But you know what? As soon as both of you begin to have understanding of each other you will begin to enjoy everything about it.

Finally, Listen to your inner voice speaking to you.Changes in a relationship is opportunity for you to see all you need to know about the person you are thinking of building your future and spending the rest of your life with. You see it is not any bad at all to see or experience changes in your relationship. Do not ignore the inner voice that speaks to you at the time of changes. Don’t force love when the other says it is over with you. Just understand he or she can not go far with you in future being the reason he or she has chosen to quit. What do you have against that? You should rather be happy that what will be a hindrance for you later in life is already leaving. Cheers!!!

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