Juices for Constipation: 5 Juices to Improve Bowel Movements

List of Juices that Help with Constipation
Here’ s a complete list of juices for
constipation for you to try out if that is not
a chronic problem with you or there is no
other underlying cause of constipation in
your case.

1. Prune Juice
Prunes or dried plums contain sorbitol ,
fiber, and phenolic compounds such as
chlorogenic acids in good amounts . These
phenolic compounds may also serve as a
natural laxative . One can use fresh plums
as well.

2. Apple Juice
How Apple Juice works for Constipation
Relief? Apple juice contains sorbitol and
soluble fiber which help relieve
constipation. However, make sure to
include the skin in the juice as it contains
maximum amount of fiber .

3. Banana Juice
Ripe yellow bananas help deal with
constipation. On the other hand , unripe
bananas are used to treat diarrhea . Ripe
bananas contain some amount of tannins,
soluble sugars , and soluble fiber .
Unripe bananas contain starch and tannins
in high amounts which may aggravate
constipation. This is why only ripe bananas
are recommended to treat constipation.

4. Grape Juice
Grapes have decent amount of fiber and
are generally considered a mild laxative.
Grapes are often a part of detox diets and
are known to cleanse your system .
Grapes are known to have many other
health benefits may be useful in preventing
certain types of cancers.

5. Pear Juice
Pear juice is used for better bowel
movements and is a topic of research .
Pears are a rich source of fiber and have
higher amounts of these than apples.
The fruit is also watery . Pear or pear juice
should be consumed along with its skin.
Drinking juices for constipation might help
owing to their sorbitol and fiber content if
it is merely due to lifestyle issues.
However, do not overdo it as drinking
these juices in excess may result in
diarrhoea. It is best to drink homemade
juices without straining, to retain maximum
sorbitol and fiber from the fruits.

Also, drink them fresh and consume within
a day or two . Do not refrigerate for more
than 24 hours, else it may lead to food-
borne illnesses . As far as possible , avoid
packaged juices as they may contain huge
amounts of added sugar and preservatives .
Juices for constipation are not meant for
infants . If your baby is constipated , it is
best to consult a pediatrician for other
suitable home remedies or medication. 

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