In my country Nigeria, there seem to be a new way of linking everything that’s evil to the president.

The Unemployed ones blame Buhari, Even SSCE
holder still shout Buhari when they cannot buy
airtime for their Babes.

When you’re there saying no job, someone has
within the last 12 months advanced to the level he
never knew
He’ll reach.
Let me explain.

After HND and NYSC, I spent a couple months at
home doing nothing, these were linked with the fact that I expected something nice to come my way very soon, especially with the incoming new
administration. Back then I sat home, ate whatever
comes my way and did nothing, this means I
earned nothing at all since I had to salary to expect
or did nothing to earn any.

After a series of thought, I decided to take up any
job that came my way. There had been a vacancy
notice in one of those corporate offices about 2
miles from home, I decided to check it out anyways.

Applied as a messenger, qualified for the job after
all and was later given the shock of my life. Yes it
Was a shock cos I never believed I’ll be paid 10,000
for a whole month. Well, I took it after all, I just
didn’t want to earn nothing at the end of the month.
During my work as a cleaner, my boss discovered
my skills with the computer, he had no secretary,
so he always has me write his letters, have some
documents typed, scan and merge some important
letters also.

With this extra skill, I got some tip at the end of the
month adding to my 10,000 salary and I would smile
home always. The thing is, its not enough, but its
something, at least I’ll buy my gas, pay some bills
and buy some food stuffs, weekends, I go to the
sites for some bricklaying jobs after which I earn
some #2500.

I took the extra jobs cos I had this pressing need
for a laptop of my own. I heard there are so many
ways I could earn with my computer skills online
and so I did everything I could to buy one for
myself. So I kept up the hustle.

These were enough for the moment. Later that year,
another vacancy. Its was a vacancy advertisement
from a federal health facility around the locality.
They’re in need of a Health Attendant and being an
Environmental Health Officer from what I’d studied
at the polytechnic, I knew I had a bigger chance
with the health sector.

So I was called for an Interview, I passed the test
and was qualified. I was a bit disappointed when the
Employers slapped us with the greatest reality of all,
yes, we have been employed as cleaners (Shey this
would be corporate cleaners abi na wetin?). Out of
the 5 accepted applicant, 3 quit immediately

I looked around, I scratched my head, the thing pain me sha, but I realised i was alone on this, whatever
decision I make right now will determine how things
turns out for the next few months since I already
said goodbyes to my former place of cleaning.

My younger sister had previously been offered a job in Haliburton, a company where she bags over
#300,000 monthly. So I needed something to take
home too.
Chai! So I wear this fine blue shirt, knot tie, black
trouser, with my koko shoe only to be employed as
a cleaner? But what to do?

I nor fit die, the pay was better than the 10k I got
from my previous work place and so I accepted the offer.

The next Monday, I resumed work only to be taken
to the cleaning session.

My brother and sisters, I scrubbed the floor, I
pruned the flowers, I washed rags, those hospital
dirty things, piss and blood stained clothing’s, I
washed all. Some times self, some lazy relatives of admitted patients would offer a tip just to have
some clothes washed for them, I had a good saving
scheme from the daily tips I received.

After 4 months, my arrears came, wow, #140,000,
quickly, I went to Lagos and caught a very nice UK
used Laptop.

I got my account on Fiverr and I started hustling.
The thing is, I designed my schedule with these
people so I go to work only on Thursdays And
Friday. I made sure I work hard on Fiverr and today,
I make over $500 from Fiverr, I’m paid 30k monthly
with arrears big enough to cater my needs.
I live on a little stream of income, so I cut my coat
according to my material, I know things will be
better, I’m hopeful, the future is certainly going to be

This is a lesson for us all, never be so quick to
reject an offer cos you may never know where your
best earning would be coming from.
I know a graduate deserves a good pay, but
sometimes you need a small pay, you need to
understand the basics of management before you
start earning big.

No Job is ever too little for you as a young man, if I
hadn’t accepted the 10k job, It wouldn’t have been
easy for me to learn of the Job adverts and if I
hadn’t heard of the job adverts, applied and got the
job, I may not have been able to earn those arrears
with which I caught my laptop and register on fiverr Platform.

Always see the little things in life as a stepping
stone to greater heights.
I hope you understand this my friends.

By Nwachukwu Richard

Courtesy: Gen Olusola Oke
Much thanks to Mr Alex Abah , Nicholas Lawrence
Onumara and Taiwo Isaac for their kind gestures
towards me.
©MrPinner 2017

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Enthusiast. I believe in Creativity.
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About the Author: Thomas

Certified Web designer, Computer/Internet Enthusiast. I believe in Creativity. Proudly The CEO Of Primebaze.com.ng

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