Bible Games mobile app

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Google Go launches in Nigeria

Poised to incessantly give users a faster and lighter way to search and access the internet, Google has launched Google Go in Nigeria and 29 other countries in Africa.... Read more »

Ponzi Scheme shuts down globally, gives reasons

Ponzi scheme, Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox (MMM), which collapsed over a year ago in some countries, particularly in Nigeria has finally shut down. Mavrodi launched his controversial scheme in 2011... Read more »

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This Is Why Your Phone Is Charging So Slowly!

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17 Interesting Facts About Bulletproof Cars That Most People Might Not Know’v=ReOVu6dsipc Withrandomterrorist attacks, continued violence on the streets, andan increase in social injustice, personal safety is becoming more of a prime concern than ever before. The wide spread violence... Read more »

The List Of Infinix Smartphones That’ll Be Getting Andoid 8.0 Oreo Update

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