Reasons Why Online Shopping Is Awesome

1. Easy Access, Effortless Purchase The most fundamental reason why many people choose to shop online is because of its convenience. You could easily make a purchase straight from... Read more »

This is How to continue using old version of whatsapp without upgrading

Whatsapp Normally ask every user to upgrade their Whatsapp versions.But not all of us want to do that.Am going to teach you all how to keep chatting without upgrading... Read more »

4 Items Our Mobile Phones Replaced That Perhaps They Shouldn’t Have

1.ALARM CLOCK Some of us began using our smartphones as our main alarm clocks the moment we got our hands on one. After all, this is a function that’s... Read more »

MTN mobile Electricity! New Innovation √

MTN Mobile Electricity is an affordable solar electricity solution that can power light bulbs, cellphones, fans, PCs or laptops, radios and other small electronic devices, all at once, every... Read more »

Samsung Note 7: Nigerians Refuse To Return Their Phones

Dealers in Nigeria have returned several unsold Galaxy Note 7 phones and had their money refunded. However, the buyers of the sold phones have refused to return them to... Read more »

Have You Ever Wondered Why ATM Pins Have 4 Digit Code? Here Is Why!

You walk into your Bank’s ATM kiosk and swipe your card. You then punch in a 4 PIN code to authenticate yourself and proceed to withdraw money. You may... Read more »

Convert Your Android Phone Into Home Security Camera

In a country where insecurity is a major problem, it is advisable to do all you can to safeguard your life and property and not wait for the government... Read more »

Science Has Never Been The Bedrock Of Atheism.

Delluded Nigerian Atheists cliam that Western countries have abandoned christainity and that most are becoming atheists.note Atheisism is the Belief that their is no God or gods. But contrary... Read more »

Amazing Features Of Guarantee Trust Bank (GTBank) Utility Card

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