Ladies: Here is what you need to know about flaunting your breasts

Ladies! As nature demand you take absolute care of your entire body, your breast requires 101% attention as this is a medium through which you feed your children! Personal hygiene requires you take proper care of this part of the body!

For those of you who do flaunt theirs around, exposing it to the world, Ish!
I thought it was supposed to be a private part of your body not public part!
It’s very much obvious that most of the ladies have converted theirs from Private part to Public!

I cried aloud when I saw this lady just yesterday, almost top-naked!
I couldn’t hold my anger, one thought said to me, approach and tell her the implications of our dressing to the male folds and anther said, let her be!

Close to me where two other guys, plotting how to grab her boob, squeeze and leave! “in their discussion, I must screw this babe this night”
OMG, I wail in my heart, if only this lady will hear the evil these men are plotting against her, she’ll run for her dear life and never come back to this neighborhood!

I can count some men this has lead to their doom! So many have had serious challenge in their relationship all because of this exposure of the breast!

Let me drop my pen here, so that people can further advice the ladies in this uncultured way of flaunting their supposeth private part called Breast for the public to see!

I know some ladies will expose this sensitive part of their body ignorantly, that’s without any evil thought, but forgetting the structure of the male folds!
You know how their hormones react to any sensitive part of the body!

Ladies, Please kindly help my brothers not to fall into temptation of sexual lost or immorality!  

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