See The The Top Three Things Women Crave In Bed

Agreed, we all want different things in our sexual lives, but
research has revealed one common thing women truly want.
And that is Emotional Intimacy.

During a survey of over 1,000 women, each woman was asked about their best sex. 96 percent of the women revealed that the best sex they have ever had was with someone with whom they are emotionally connected.

Other reasons women (and even sometimes men) gave for
enjoying sex include “being with someone I love,” followed by “feeling good about my sexual abilities” and “when my partner compliments me.”

So what are the top three things women crave? The survey
reveals that the top three requirements for great sex are

physical attraction, emotional intimacy and feeling secure and loved.

This also laid credence to the survey conducted by Durex which revealed that 87 percent of women said the hottest sex they’d ever had was with someone they knew and trusted, and 95 percent of men said sex is more fulfilling with an emotional connection.

So it seems the best way to get into a woman’s panties is
through her heart. 

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