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NNU is a place where you earn your cool cash just with help of your mobile phone in the comfort of your home just by doing four basic things which includes the following:

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​(3). Commenting and contributing on the post, you get paid for it.​

​(4). NAP: As an affiliate, you earn ₦1,000 per referral if you decide to inform anyone like your friends and family to join. e.g ₦1,000 x 10persons =₦10,000 Per day.

(5)Earn ₦100 for posting sponsored post on Facebook e. g

​One Time Registration Fee Is ₦1,600 Only.​

​Join NNU Incomes opportunity and make money as you read daily news.​


​I have proofs of payment to show that NNU is 100% Legit.. U can Google it to clear your doubt.

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