Girl Are Easily Deceived With Lies! Prove Me Wrong

There is this girl called Joy. I have been running behind her
for long, begging her since primary school school days.

But she scorned at me just because she asked whether i was rich and i told her i am from a poor family. After some years i disappeared and she thought that i went to Europe meanwhile i was just in the city.

This time around i begged a flashy car from a friend went and picked her up and we went for a dinner.

There at the
restaurant i told her the big Lie!

How i have bought a flat car and i am about to relocate in the UK. She changed her words immediately by telling me that instead i am the one who did not like her because she is fat that she loved me so much……..

from this point we drove
straight to the hotel and guess what happened next

Women like lies more than
truth.. if you think otherwise you can prove me wrong.

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