Sleeping with My Cousin: Part 1

This happened a few years ago, I wanted to talk with someone about it but didn’t find a safe place to do it.

I can’t verify myself for obvious reasons but I vow my life every word here is true.

As far as I can remember I always liked her, we were best friends when we were children but I always felt like I was too little for her, she was smartest girl in the school and her house was always nicer than mine.

Eventually our families migrated so when we were teens (I was 16) we only had each other as friends so we got pretty close.

One night I slept at her house, actually my uncle’s house. We spend the whole night awake we started playing and touching with robes.

At sunrise my uncle came to her room and almost catches us, we were quick but he suspected something.

The next days we tried to find hidden places to continue but we didn’t found anything, a few days later my uncle saw her sitted on my lap and he didn’t needed any explanation, they threw me out of their house.

Years passed she moved out of the city and we tried to not keep contact (the whole family heard about it). I got married and started a open relationship and she wasn’t doing well so I invited her to came to my house a week so she could look for job in the city.

My wife knew about our history and she was fine if something happened. And it did.

I always wanted her and I explained my relationship to her after a few days it was obvious she wanted the same so when my wife was out we started to play and ended up fucking like animals.

It was amazing, I’ve been dreaming with that for years an we were finally doing it.

The nexts days were awesome, I would fuck my cousin on the mornings and my wife on the nights and both of them were ok with it, my wife knew I was doing it but didn’t knew any details.

It might sound simplistic but I remember those days as the best days of my life.

On the last few days things started to crumble my wife turned out to have been feeling jealousy and she was hidding it (we agreed we won’t do it) and we started to be unable to talk about it without arguing.

The last day she was here we went to a hotel and spend the whole day fucking without rest, it was an egoist thing to do from my side, I know and I’m being honest here. I didn’t knew when would I see her again and I wanted to give that moment of my life a good ending.

Finally she left and we haven’t seen her in last 2 years but I wish when we meet again enough time had passed so my wife removes her from the blacklist.

The next months we worked hard on restoring our relationship and we did it eventually. We learned from it and we’re a happy couple again. 

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