The Beautiful Things About The Ups And Downs Of Relationships

Relationships are not all roses and bunnies. Sometimes there are thorns. The beauty is how well the conflict is settled to make the relationship even stronger.

Pop star sweetheart Rihanna was spotted last Friday with her billionaire ex-boyfriend, Hassan Jameel, vacationing in Mexico. Although they separated about a month ago with the singer declaring that she was just tired of men, the two were seen having what resembled an argument.

This has left fans and the media speculating whether they are getting back together or if the argument will ruin whatever is left of their relationship.

Arguments are sometimes healthy in a relationship. It gives room for important discussions to be held. But couples should find ways to resolve arguments before they spiral into something nasty.

On the other hand, in a show of platonic love, movie director Tyler Perry gave an expensive gift to his friend, Tiffany Haddish. They are not dating, at least not right now.

He bought her a brand new Tesla SUV worth over N47.4 million, saying, “Love you, Tiffany. Proud of you girl. It’s all yours, here in L.A. waiting for you.” She broke down in tears because she didn’t expect such an act of love coming from a friend.

This is a pure example of what true love and friendship are about: sacrificing and making a friend happy. The gift is not only expensive but also very thoughtful.

In a relationship, the two individuals need to have a friendship based on trust, respect and love, regardless of the arguments that may arise.

The question is, how many people will go to such lengths for a platonic friend if given the opportunity? 

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