For Those Bragging About Having Big Dicks, This Test Is For You

Get your self a toilet roll (tissue paper) and test your Girth size

Follow these Simple Steps

1, Get really hard on( fully erect)
2, Insert your dick into the hole provided in the tissue paper you have bought

If your dick slides in and you feel no firmness, sorry you belong to the 1st category of Dick types (smally)

If you feel otherwise, you have just passed the test…

Here are the 3 major sizes of any Dick

Small dick

Take it or leave it, any dick below 5.7 inches in length and below 4.7 inches in length is a small dick

Average Dick

Dicks between 6_-7 inches in length and between 5-5.4 in girth

Big Dick

aka captain of other dicks, monster roster, brave. destroyer,etc

Are you

1, 7.5 or above inches in length?
2, Above 5.5 inches in girth.?

Yap, if you belong to the 7.5/5.5 family then you are a. DOP !(Destroyer of pu–ssy)

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