Ladies: How to improve your sexual confidence

1. Body worries

Stop body shaming yourself and become comfortable in your own skin.

If you must grow your sexual confidence, you will need to stop worrying that maybe your boobs are too small or too big or other similar worries women have.

If he’s with you, he likes you and wants your body just as it is.

Be comfortable in your body. Your boo likes your body just the way it is! 

2. Take care of that body

Topnotch grooming improves your confidence, too.

Whatever your body looks like, if you look after it properly, ladies, you will love it and it’ll be the object of your partner’s desire.

3. Be intentional about it

If all you used to do for initiating sex was to drop hints, you will need to intentionally grow a voice and learn to ask expressly once in a while.

It adds variation and an extra dimension to you and your partner’s sex lives.

Set out to be the best and only bad girl for him.

4. Communication

It remains key that you get comfortable talking about sex with your partner. I mean, he’s the one you’re doing it with, right?

Make yourself comfortable enough to ask him what he likes to be done to him, and how he likes it done.

Getting these tips help you blow his mind every time, and when you regularly take him to places he’s never been before, it’ll certainly boost your sexual confidence.

Communication is key. 

5. Read, watch clips

There are tons of guideline books on sex. There seems to be even more clips online if you know where to look.

Educate yourself and be open-minded enough to try out some [or maybe all] the interesting, fascinating things you’ll surely find.


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