David De Gea sends boots to young fan after incredible lookalike photo

David De Gea was a bit pleased after United’s 2-1 win over Liverpool on Saturday, as you can clearly see from his tweet after the game.

Amidst the typical thousands of replies, however, was one that stood out. After all, he probably wasn’t expecting to come across his mini-me doppelgänger.

The young man’s facial hair is really quite impressive for his age, there’s no denying it. He must be what, 8 years old? With a full beard? Incredible. What a barnet, too.

De Gea did however spot one little error in the fan’s spitting image ensemble – the fact that he wasn’t wearing any boots.

Fortunately, the Spanish goalkeeper was quick to sort it, like he would a teasing deep cross to the far post.

A great gesture, David. I’m stood at my desk clapping you off.

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