See Why some people Are Afraid To Study In National Open University

Some people are afraid to study in NOUN not because of school fees, but how to excel academically. There was a student in my study centre, he got admission in 2015/2016 academic session. When the exams kicked off, the first paper he wrote was so hard for him. he sat for the second paper and yet he didn’t find it easy; failed woefully. He got confused and was afraid of what might become of him in NOUN. After the first and second paper he wrote respectively, he left NOUN for a conventional university,where he can bribe lecturers to get A’s in exam. who said NOUN is easy? NOUN is for students who says we are able to wade through the mud. NOUN is not for lazy students! female students can’t sleep with lecturers to pass any exam. No bribing of lecturers to pass any exam; is either you fail or you pass in NOUN. I am investing money and time in NOUN and i am getting the expected result. 

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