Which animal is able to climb trees, live in water, and run on land?

Cats. Tigers, for example, can obviously climb trees and run on land, but a lot of people don’t realize they legitimately enjoy water and love to swim. In fact, it’s not unusual to see tigers jump into a swamp and emerge with a crocodile clamped between their massive teeth.

If course, humans can climb trees, “live” in water with the help of technology, and run on dry land. Several primate species, including macaques, also enjoy swimming in addition to being arboreal and swift on the ground.

coconut crabs also,
They are born in the water and live there for several weeks as they mature. Even as adults they can last up to an hour submerged.
They can “run” I don’t know how fast but they clearly perambulate.
They also climb trees to look for food. 

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