How long are you supposed to wait to call a girl after she gives you her phone number?

When a girl gives you her phone number, I would suggest texting her something immediately (something simple or witty; stay away from the words: baby, hottie, and sexy), so she has your number and will have the opportunity to decide if she wants to answer your call. Yes, just because she gave your her phone number does not always mean she actually wants to hear from you again; it can be awkward/difficult to decline in the moment.

I would then suggest calling the next day (no longer than 2 days!). She will either pick up because she’s interested, or she might be busy and miss your call.

If she doesn’t answer, wait 2 days before calling again. This will show you’re not obsessive, and hey, maybe she will have called you back since your initial call.

If she doesn’t answer again, wait 3-4 more days and send a text message. If no response, she’s not into it – move on.

If you’re really into a girl, do not let more than 3 days pass before initiating some sort of contact, even if just to say ‘hi’ briefly… call, text, email, gchat, facebook, skype, tweet, BBM, comment on her blog, send a carrier pigeon — something.
Don’t ask girls out on dates via text message. Yeah, it’s the 21st century, and it’s totally normal, but if you like someone, you should call them. Trust me, it makes a difference. 

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