[Video] Olamide Science Student

YBNL boss OLAMIDE has wasted no time as there has been a high demand for his trending track and he dishes out the official music video to his monster... Read more »

Why are police called cops?

Use of the term “cop” to refer to a police officer came about because a “copper” is someone who captures or seizes something in English slang. The word “cop”... Read more »

Breaking News:Dragon flew away with our newly worldbank loaned money $486 million – Lai Mohammad

Another information is coming in that a dragon have made away with $486 million, a loan given to Nigeria by world bank This was revealed to newsmen by Lai... Read more »

This is what DELSU Matric inaugural looks like

What newly admitted students go through in Government universities especially DELSU on Matric morning is fun for the regular students and hell for the inauguratee (freshers) Process of Inauguration... Read more »

Man dies of heart attack after masturbating 62 times on Valentines day

A 33 year old man has lost his life after he kept masturbating aggressively for a whooping 62 times in a row on the 14th of February, which was... Read more »

5 Ways Charcoal Can Improve Your Skin & General Well-being

For many years now, charcoal has been hyped for medicinal purposes and water treatment but only recently has it become popular for skincare, hair growth, and overall well-being. Let’s... Read more »

Who is the worst leader in the world right now, and why?

Have you guys heard of Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari? He’s one of world’s worst leaders. Buhari’s administration started in 2015 with so much good promises to Nigerians but after... Read more »

What does it mean when a guy calls a girl “dear”?

It can mean nothing and everything, there are people who use this word to neighbors and there are people which the word use for the closest person there. So... Read more »

19-year-old Boy Caught Taking Pictures Of School Girls Bathing (See Photos)

A teenage boy was nabbed taking pictures of secondary school students bathing.The 19-year-old was arrested when he was spotted taking pictures of female students of AME Zion Senior High... Read more »

What is the longest English word without any vowel letters?

The longest common word in Modern English is rhythms. However, the “y” does provide a vowel sound but none of the five vowels appear in the word. The longest... Read more »