Instead Of Throwing Away Scratched CDs And DVDs, Use This Hack To Fix Them With A Banana Peel

I can’t tell you how many scratched CDs and DVDs I’ve thrownout over the years — which is exactly why I wish I had known this super simple hack for fixing them with a banana peel ages ago!

It might sound weird, but this genius life hack can help

bring your favorite albums and movies right back to life again, saving you from spending tons of cash by replacing them every time they start to skip in your player.

Trust me, I was skeptical about grabbing something from the kitchen to help fix the pesky discs, but I was singing a totally different tune by the time I finished the clip below.

It’s really as easy as it sounds — peel a banana, then swipe over the scratched CD or DVD with the soft inside to fill in all the cracks that were keeping you from enjoying the entertainment.

Now I feel terrible about all the movies and albums I’ve tossed away in frustration, but I’m even more glad I can use this to make them last longer from now on.

Take a look at the video to see the yellow fruit work its magic.

Have you ever used this hack on your CDs or DVDs? Let us know in the comments.


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