Segun Odegbami: Nigeria in the group of death or group of hope?

The dice is now cast . Last week Friday night the
world witnessed the draws of the 2018 FIFA World

The entire event was so well choreographed that
even the eventual draws turned out to represent
every country ’ s interest and no country ’s special

The event had everything – glitz, glamour, fanfare
and a true representation of those that matter the
most in the game . FIFA did a great thing by making
players the centre of the draws. They anchored and
conducted the draws . The best of them from around
the world constituted a large percentage of the
audience of the football elite.

The event became as the game on the field itself ,
the most beautiful, the most followed and the most
lucrative single social event in the world , bar none!
It was truly a night for football and for the best of
footballers through the decades of the World Cup .
The architecture of the draws proper , obviously
adopted from other sports like tennis and basketball,
was such that each final group of four countries was
eventually made up by one team from the strongest
pot, one team from the weakest pot, and the other
two teams coming from the two pots of teams in
between the strongest and weakest .

The strength and weakness of the teams are
determined by their last FIFA rankings before the
draws. These were the cumulative sum of points
garnered from the results of all the Grade A
international matches played by each country . There
could not be a fairer  

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