Nigerians, condemn FG’s silence on death of 26 girls on Mediterranean Sea

As Italian prosecutors begin investigation
into the death of 26 teenage Nigerian
girls who died in the Mediterranean Sea ,
off the coast of Italy on Sunday,
Nigerians while reacting to the incident
on social media , expressed outrage at the
seemingly loud silence of the Federal
Government .

The deceased girls, said to be between
the ages of 14 and 18, were found dead
in the sea while attempting the
dangerous journey of crossing from
Libya to Europe over the weekend. The
bodies of the 26 female Nigerian migrants
were found by Spanish warship
Cantabria , who brought the bodies to
Salerno, Italy , after they were
purportedly sexually abused and

Atinuke Oyibo said: “ It is Italian
prosecutors that are investigating the
deaths of 26 Nigerian women whose
bodies were found at sea . Nigerians
where are you ?” @PremiumTweep said:
“ The bodies of 26 Nigerian females were
discovered in the Mediterranean Sea yet
no government official is talking about
it .”

Kingsley Omose said: “ No , these monsters
will not shed a tear for the 26 Nigerian
girls who died in the Mediterranean Sea
fleeing from their misrule. They were our
daughters , we offered them no future
and now they are dead .”

Also reacting to the incident , the Center
for Anti – Corruption and Open Leadership
(CACOL ), slammed the Federal
Government for not providing a
conducive environment for development
of youths in the country .

The group blamed the government for
the harsh economic situation in the
country , which they said caused the
tragedy, adding that the government at
both federal and state levels must tackle
the rising rate of unemployment in the
country to curb the menace of human

CACOL Director , Debo Adeniran , said :
“ The problems of illegal migration and
trafficking are an accumulated issue . We
have a high population of children and
youths in this country and we are not
planning for their future . Workplaces are
winding up and no new jobs are
springing up . This is why people want to
leave and look for the proverbial
‘greener pastures .’”

With the continued silence of the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs , the Italian
authorities have begun arrangements to
bury the dead . According to the BBC , the
Police Prefect Malfi , who called this a
human tragedy, had appealed to
neighbouring towns to ensure dignified
burial for the Nigerian women .
Meanwhile, 83 of the 142 Nigerians
deported from Libya on Monday were
received by the Edo State government.
They were received and lodged in a hotel
with a view to rehabilitate them by the
chairman , task force on trafficking, Prof .
(Mrs. ) Yinka Omoregbe , who is the
Attorney – General and Commissioner for
Justice in the state .

A 17- year- old girl identified as Blessing
Sunday, has narrated how she survived
harrowing experience in the desert in
her quest to get to Europe . She was
among the 147 Nigerians that were
deported from Libya and was brought to
Edo State yesterday.
She was all tears when she spoke of how
her father sold his belongings to raise
money to bail her after she was abducted
and kept in a cell in Libya. Blessing
stated that she dropped out of school in
Junior Secondary School to learn hair-
dressing before a woman offered to
assist her to travel abroad . She said
several persons in the three Hilux vans
they boarded from Kano to Libya died
due to starvation and thirst.

“ When we got to Libya , I was kidnapped .
They made me go call my father and he
sold his property to set me free . I am the
last child of the family and we don ’t have
anything at home now. There was no
food or water in the trip . You see people
dying. We bought provision and water
and I managed my own in order to
survive . My father sold all his property
to enable me get to the seaside . I didn ’t
enter boat on the sea .”

Another returnee who gave his name as
Micheal Ogbebor and had Plaster of Paris
(PoP ) on his two hands said he broke his
two hands when the ‘White house ’ in
Suprata they were staying was attacked .
Micheal said he used to wash cars in
Lagos from where he raised the sum of
N300 ,000 with which he traveled to
“ I spent eight years to save the N300 , 000
I used to travel . In Libya , people were
always ‘kalabushing ’ each other, that is
tracking each other ’s boat . I have not
entered the boat when I was rescued and
brought back . I wanted to jump from a
storey building when I fell . They came
and saw that I was finished so they left
me. It was the UN that came and took me
to the hospital . ”

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