Ogun ‘church’ where Satan is a ‘brother’ and worshippers are served alcohol

Without doubt, churches have denominations and
patterns of worship differ, but when you stumbonone one, where weird activities are the order of the day
and alcohol, animal sacrifices and biblical villains
like Nebuchadnezzar, Ahab and even Satan are
deified, then you’ve just encountered worship
redefined. Tabitha Pearl writes.

A Christian worship centre or church is a place
where you expect everything but the absurd and
the weird. But this was precisely what this reporter
beheld few weeks back when she went snooping at
“ As God said, It Must Be Done, The temple of the
Most High God,’ located in Oke-Aro in Ifo Local
Government Area of Ogun State.
A mere N100 bus ride from the popular Agege/Pen
Cinema Bus-Stop, took this reporter to As God Said
Street – the street is named after the church. A
short commercial motorcycle ride took this reporter
to the church’s doorstep.

The temple is flanked on one side by what used to
be a mosque and the other by a Celestial Church of
Christ, which, strangely, wasn’t holding any service
this Sunday. This reporter was however to soon
discover during the nearly 10-hour-long service,
that the mosque and the Celestial church had to
evacuate their locations because of the new
“Sheriff” in town.

The first thing that catches your attention as you
walk into the church premises, depending on your
keenness of sight, would either be the rather heavy
use of the colours red and white; or the slaughter
slab on the far right corner, though carefully
concealed by the gigantic red gate. Beside the slab
this fateful Sunday was a black goat waiting to be
slaughtered and served to worshippers. Makes
some sense though. If worshippers have to stay in
church up to 10 hours or more, it just might be
normal to consider feeding them.
Inside the temple, the love for red is even more
pronounced. The floor has a fading red colour,
which tells you it had originally been painted with
glossy red paint; even the choir and a few members
bear a touches of red on their dresses. No usher is
seen ushering people in; there actually is no need
for one, as the sitting arrangement is glaring
enough, even to a first timer. Male worshippers sit
to the right while female worshippers sit to the left.
Another thing you cannot miss as you walk into the
temple is the altar. It is divided into two sections: a
very high one, probably the holy of holies, reserved
for the Most High, should he come visiting; and then
a lower one, possibly where the seer, fondly called
Papa, preaches from, whenever he returns from a
visit to the Most High, which he claims he does
“I still communed with the Most High last month. I
sit and discuss with Him often. I know his form.
Who says we can’t see God?” he boasted amidst
wild cheers from his followers.
On the higher altar is a massive chair, the type you
find in kings’ palaces. That’s probably where the
Most High sits when he visits. On the lower altar is
a replica of that same seat, possibly for the Papa.
On the far left of the lower altar is a seat like the
earlier ones, only smaller in size. This is where the
wife of the seer sits during service, albeit only on
the invitation of her husband.
Right above the higher altar or holy of holies, is a
line-up of some relics, the sort you’re only likely to
find in a herbalist’s shrine. The most conspicuous
of these would be an elaborate form of a skull,
placed in the middle of two crossed bone-shaped
pieces of woods – pretty much like the familiar
skull and bones image, used to depict danger and
death. There is also something like a big calabash,
placed in the middle, leaving a first-timer wondering
if this is a shine or a temple where God is
Sunday Nation’s visit coincided with the 6th
Anniversary Celebration of the worship centre. It
was with great excitement that the seer, Blessed
Dike-Oji-Ofo Chukwu announced to the dance-
intoxicated congregation that, “Today, we are
celebrating our sixth year of moving to this temple.”
This announcement was followed by an excited
cheer from the worshippers.
The service, which was said to have begun at 8:30
am, ran for hours unending, with more than half the
time spent singing and dancing, and – wait for this
– spraying those perceived by the seer to have
danced best with money. Interestingly, the children
seemed to be more favoured in the money rain,
above the adults. In order to be sure if this was the
general mode of worship or just a one-off thing to
commemorate the anniversary celebration, our
reporter sought the opinion of a female congregant.
Her excited response was, “When we come to the
temple on Sundays, we are not in a hurry. We close
when the seer says we will close, even until night, if
that’s what he wants.”
After hours of singing, dancing and collecting
contributions (tithe of the most high, answered
prayer offering, temple offering, Caesar’s offering,
offering of the earth altar – Exodus 20:24) from the
congregants, this reporter was almost giving up on
the hope of seeing the seer come out to deliver his
sermon, when, to the relief of all members, he
emerged at exactly 2:00pm – six whole hours into
the service.
After speaking elaborately about the 6th
anniversary and outlining the achievements the
church has accomplished in the last six months,
part of which, according to him, includes having the
street where the temple is located named after it,
the evacuation of the mosque and celestial church
in the neighbourhood, amongst others; he
pronounced many blessings on the worshippers and
began the day’s sermon.
“In just six years of our moving to this place, the
street has been named after us; the mosque and
Celestial church that we met here have left for us;
no member of this temple has died; I have been
made the Mayegun of Fakile land… I prophesy to
you, you will not fail, you will succeed, you will
prosper; old and young will take risk for you to
succeed; big and small will swear an oath for you to
rise up and shine. In the name of the ancient of the
days, I bless every one of you… In your marriages,
you will succeed in the name of the living God. The
sun will not smote you by the day, neither will the
moon smote you by the night; you will be protected.
So shall it be in the name of the king of kings, in the
name of the lord of hosts. In the name of the ‘God’
of “Nebuchadneze,” I bless thee. The ‘God’ of my
ancestors, “Nebuchadnezzar” will change your
story. As you have been serving
“Nebuchadnezzar”, on this first day in the month of
September 2017, “Nebuchadnezzar” is your
ancestor and he will reward you; Pharaoh will
reward you, Ahab will reward you. In the name of
the living God I bless thee.”
After the prayer rain, the seer bellowed, “You’re free
to ask me any kind of question after the teaching
this afternoon. We are not operating the way other
men of God operate; we operate by the inspiration of
the living God.”
After this announcement, the sermon began without
any introduction. The seer spoke about bishop and
pope, how they are titles given by men not God.
“Bishop and Pope is not recommended by God.
Check from Genesis to Revelation, you can never
see the title of Pope. If you check in the book of
Titus, you will see a bishop is a man who is up and
doing. All our deacon and deaconesses here, you
are the same rank with bishop, there is no special
title in that name, bishop. They can deceive men,
not somebody like me.”
Quoting a passage in Titus, the seer asked the
congregation to open their Bibles, so they could
read together what the bible says about bishops.
After searching the book of Titus without success,
the seer’s reader came to the congregation’s
rescue. The passage was actually in 1Timothy 3:1,
not Titus. After the reading, he began another talk
about Moses and Zippo rah. Soon, it was question
“Before I open the floor for questions, I want to
appreciate one of my sons. I was in my palace
when he called to say he had a gift for the temple. It
was surprising what he brought; three cartons of big
stout, one carton of ’33 Larger and one carton of
Captain Black. We will soon share the drinks, but
before then, come forward, my son, let me bless
After praying to the Most High to bless the young
man and prosper his business, the seer called
forward a lady whose face betrayed no emotion. It
was hard to tell if she was happy, sad or just didn’t
care. By virtue of marriage, she had just become a
new member of the church and was given a special
seat among the women who sat in front row.
Soon, it was question time. The first question came
from a boy, who was home for the long vacation. He
wanted to know why the seer preaches that Jesus
is not the saviour of the world and why they don’t
pray in the name of Jesus. Indeed, this reporter had
noticed all along that they weren’t praying in the
name of Jesus, neither was the name mentioned
throughout the service. In fact, songs that had the
name in the name of Jesus were carefully edited
and replaced with Saviour, Lord or Most High.
The seer’s response to the boy’s question however,
was, “God is the Saviour of the whole world, not
Jesus. It is the gospel of John that claims Jesus
died for the sins of man; but let me tell you, the New
Testament is a lie. The original word of God is the
Old Testament; the New Testament is the gospel of
men, and untrue.”
The obviously dissatisfied questioner, was,
however, soon silenced with a promise of
scholarship for an academic session, for exhibiting
great intelligence. The worshippers also went wild
with joy at this pronouncement, and everyone soon
forgot that the boy’s question wasn’t quite
Next, a man who spoke impeccable English, took
the mic and asked, “Do you believe in life after
life?” The seer’s response was affirmative. “Of
course, there is life after life. Every time we say
somebody died, what happened is that the person
just changed address. Maybe the person closed his
eyes (not died) in Oke-aro, he may wake up in
Cotonou as a foreigner; or somebody else may
sleep in Oke-aro and wake up in Ibadan. That is life
after life, continuation of life. That is why the Most
High gave everyone 1,000 years to live in this life.
When you’ve lived up to 1,000 years, you’d have
completed your sojourn in this life, you will now
become among the ancestors.”
The idea of becoming one of the ancestors pleased
the worshippers and got them cheering again,
Another worshiper, a lady, asked what this reporter
considered a very important question: “Why do you
say that our ancestors are Nebuchadnezzar,
Pharaoh, Ahab? In other churches, they pray
against these names.”
The seer’s response was, “They lack knowledge.
Nebuchadnezzar is my ancestors. Satan is my
elder brother. See, that name Nebuchadnezzar is
not a personality but a phenomenon. It means the
wrath of God upon his children. But all those
churches that pray against these names don’t
understand. Is it possible to have the goodness of
God and not have his wrath? That’s
Nebuchadnezzar. My daughter, do you
understand?” This was followed by a nod from the
worshipper and a loud cheer from the congregation.
At this point, this reporter burned with curiousity
and wanted to ask several questions: “Can they call
themselves Christians if they don’t believe in Jesus
Christ? Why do they still perform animal sacrifices?
Why is the altar divided into two sections and what
do the relics on it symbolize? Why do men cover
their head while praying? Is it true they drink
alcohol during service and why?
But it was another female member, who got the mic
to ask her question. She began by introducing
herself as a first-timer, but the seer counseled her
not to call herself a first-timer. “Don’t call yourself
a first-timer. There are no first-timers in the
presence of the Most High. You are just a lost child,
who has found her way home, and the Most High is
always ready to receive you.
Her question was, “Why did you direct us to read
from the New Testament this morning, even though
you said it’s all a lie?” That was to be the last
question of the day, because the seer was
obviously thrown off balance and events soon
overtook the question time.
“This lady you are seeing is a very intelligent lady;”
the seer began. Pointing to the male section, he
continued, “That’s her husband over there and it is
whatever she says that happens in her marriage.”
Soon, the question was left unanswered and a
prayer and thanksgiving session began for the
supposed couple, whom the seer said was believing
God for the fruit of the womb. It turns out that this
assertion was false, as this reporter had met the
couple on their way out and they revealed that they
were not even engaged, much less married, and
neither had they need for children as the seer had
But, why didn’t they refute what he said since it
wasn’t true? The guy, who gave his name as Ade,
said, “We were directed by a friend to consult the
seer to see if we are destined for each other. But
with that false prophecy, we know better than to
believe anything he says.”

Drinking time
After praying for the couple, the seer asked for the
drinks offered by the male worshipper to be brought
in. After taking two bottles himself, he opened one
bottle each for the women occupying the special
seat in front, after taking a swig from each bottle.
Children and adults who do not take alcohol were
served 7’UP.
Amidst the drinking, one lady began staggering for
nearly 15 minutes. An easy guess would be that it
was the effect of the wine, but she soon steadied
herself and requested for the mic. She had a
testimony. According to her, her menstrual flow had
ceased for about three months, but when she ate
kolanut in church the previous Sunday, her menses
began to flow again. The seer took time to explain
that in the early days of his ministry, he used to
serve his members the emblem used in other
assemblies (unleavened bread and fruit of the vine)
but after a while, the Most High warned him not to
give the bread and fruit of the vine to his sons and
daughter or else he will slay them. Now, their
emblem for communion is kolanut and blended
alligator pepper.
In a bid to prove his position on the regular
emblems, the seer went to his ‘palace’ to produce
the unleavened bread, which he ordered them pass
round for the congregants to see. A few of them,
who had at one time or the other taken the bread,
requested to have a taste of it. He obliged them,
while announcing, “I know that I said the most high
asked me not to give you people this thing, but don’t
worry, this one you are eating will not kill you.”
As at 5;00pm when this reporter quietly left the
temple, the service had yet ended. Kolanut was
about to be served and they still awaited the meal
that was being prepared with the goat that was
slaughtered earlier on. 

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