‘We’re deeply committed to rule of law’ – Nigeria

Nigeria has assured the international community
that it is deeply committed to the concept of rule of
law as enshrined in the Constitution of the country.
The Acting Director, International Organisations
Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr
Richard Adedoja, stated this at the UN headquarters
in New York while delivering Nigeria’s statement on ‘The Rule of Law at the National and International

Adedoja said: “In Nigeria, the rule of law is a
fundamental article in our national jurisprudence
and it is a pivotal principle that guides the process
of governance.

“We are deeply committed to it. We promote it
relentlessly and we have continuously advocated
for it at the national, regional and international

“Nigeria remains committed to a process of
governance that is firmly anchored on democratic
“We consider the rule of law as a fundamental
prerequisite to the establishment of justice and as a basis for peaceful coexistence and the prevention
of armed conflict,” he said.

He said the National Human Rights Commission was established to create an enabling environment for
the promotion, protection and enforcement of
human rights.

He said the establishment of the Commission was in furtherance of the promotion of and adherence to
the principles of rule of law in the country.
“In addition, the works of the various anti-
corruption agencies are meant to ensure that ‘due
process’ is always observed and to grant access to justice for all.

“Only few days ago, the Chief Justice of Nigeria
directed heads of court to immediately set up what
could pass for separate courts to try people
accused of financial crimes.

“This is firmly rooted in the understanding that the
rule of law must be strictly observed in the
administration of justice,” he said.
Adedoja noted the UN Secretary-General’s Report
that recognised that the rule of law as critical in
efforts to build and sustain peace, as an enabling
factor in the prevention of conflict.
According to him, respect for the rule of law is
necessary for the realisation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and for the overall
protection and promotion of human rights.
Undoubtedly, the rule of law must also focus on
addressing issues such as climate change,
migration, and violence against women and girls, he said.

“The adherence to and respect for the principle of
rule of law must reinforce our collective responses
to global issues.

“Indeed, all responses to global challenges,
including climate change, environmental challenges
as well as conflict across the world, must be based
on the rule of law.

“These include issues pertaining to good
governance, democratic practice, accountability,
fight against impunity, protection of civilians in
armed conflict, women and children.
“In addition, terrorism and transnational crimes, and a host of other subjects have intrinsic to them
respect for and observance of the rule of law,” he

Adedoja reaffirmed Nigeria’s delegation support to
the Declaration adopted at the General Assembly’s
2012 High-Level Meeting on the Rule of Law.
He underlined the need for national ownership in
every effort aimed at strengthening national
capacities of Member States in the promotion of the rule of law as well as in providing technical
assistance and capacity-building towards that end.

“We call on UN Member States to renew their
commitment to respect and defend the UN Charter
as a means of promoting international law and
strengthening the rule of law.

“We should collectively work to attain a world
where the rule of law, accountability and social
justice are the foundation for sustainable
development and durable peace.
“This must be a priority for the international
community, for world leaders and for all peoples,”
he said.  

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