“I am too sexy” — 44 year old mum says her good looks is more curse than blessing

A 44-year old mum of four has come out to say
looking half her age is a curse than a blessing as it
is stopping her from finding love.

Dawn Cousins, who is from London, claims men to
include her kids friends all want her attention due
to how she looks as she is eve sometimes
mistaken for her kids sister.

Daw claims the curse has extended to her office,
where she says she often struggles to get work

“The thing is I look half my age and I have men
drooling over me all the time, aged from 18 to
“I sometimes wish I didn’t look so good, then I
might attract the right kind of man I could spend
my life with.

“I seem to get the men who are only after looks
and not personality; those types are not the kind of
person you want to spend your days with.
“Guys over 40 are all putting on weight and the
women have got a lot of wrinkles. I haven’t got
any. I’m not in the same bracket as them.
“I need to find my knight in shining armour – or at
least a man who isn’t so fat he could fit it.”

On moving on from her ex, Dawn said:

“We slowly drifted apart and I was alone again.
“I assumed I would find someone after the
heartbreak of splitting up was over, but it never
“Now it is 14 years later and I am starting to

“It is flattering. My daughters have told me I
couldn’t go clubbing with them though, as I’d get
eaten alive.
“If they see a young guy approaching me they’ll
quickly slip the word ‘mum’ into the conversation
to make it clear who I am, to try and stop any
awkward conversations, but it doesn’t always

“My daughter’s friends even hit on me; some of
them try it on with me because they think I’m a
sister and some just fancy me.
“If they come onto me I just laugh it off, I don’t
make a big thing of it. I like younger men but I
would draw the line at their mates, it would be too

“Sometimes my daughters will their mates fancy
me not them, and that is a bit strange I guess I’m a

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