“I nearly committed suicide because of my stature” – Kumawood actor

Kumawood actor, Don Little born Stephen Atanga
has revealed that he nearly committed suicide
after being despised by his biological parents
following his stunted growth.

The 20-year-old actor disclosed that it got to a
point in time when he had no option than to accept
truth and reality about his stunted growth.
Thus, it became obvious that he’ll never increase
in size although her older sisters happens to be a
direct opposite of him. Simply put, they’re much
taller and bigger than him.

He said:

“It got to sometime my parents despised
me and never cared about me because
my colleagues kept increasing in size but
I remained where I was. I was
contemplating ending my life”, he
revealed during an interview on Angel TV.

“My other sisters are grown and bigger
than me. I believe my size is the work of
God which I have to be content with. I
have not made any attempt to go to the
hospital to find out if there is something
wrong with me medically or not. I trust in
God and commit everything to prayer” 

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