Top Reasons Not To Let Strangers Kiss Your Baby

Babies are precious little things, little wonder they get so much love from almost everybody that comes their way. From their cute faces to their tiny features, you would have have children and even adults wanting to hold, kiss and cuddle them.

Despite this, a quick little kiss on a baby’s face or lip can cause an infection that will pose serious health issues. This might lead to death in extreme cases.

In this article, I’ll be sharing the adverse health implications of this act that looks very innocent and harmless – letting strangers or even siblings kiss babies on their lips and face.

1) Herpes Simplex Virus: This virus is very contagious and is spread by direct contact. HSV is found in basically two parts of the body; the mouth (HSV-1) and genitals (HSV-2). It causes cold sore and fever blisters around the mouth and face. Children have a higher chance of contracting this virus on contact that adults.

2) Respiratory Diseases: Respiratory Syncitial Disease is a respiratory disease that causes contraction in the airway of babies.
Owing to the fact that their lungs are small because of their tiny body, it causes inflammation in their respiratory system (Bronchiolitis). It could lead to pneumonia and could be very fatal in babies.
For this reason, it is advised to keep babies away from very large crowds.

3) Weakened immune system; For the first few months of existence of babies, their immune system is pretty much non existent and can be compromised.
For this reason, any adult who wishes to come in contact with a baby should wash their hands first. Even with a mild sign of an illness, they should avoid contact with or visiting new born babies.
With these two precautions in place, new born babies could be considered safe. But in a case where both measures are reached and an adult gives the baby a harmless kiss, he or she is still spreading the germs that was trying to be prevented by having his or her hands washed.

4) Stomach viruses: There is nothing more pitiful than watching your baby suffer from a stomach virus. A single kiss from an adult can put your baby in harm’s way and have your baby throw up frequently and suffer from diarrhoea.
This could be very dangerous as vomiting can dehydrate a baby as he or she will lose so many bodily fluids. 

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