Six Home Tips To Get Rid Of Body Odor

Bad breath is embarrassing but body odour is
disastrous and kills confidence. This is because it
emits a pungent smell which drives off anyone that comes close to you. One who has body odor may not be able to notice due to the sensory adaptation
of our body. When you notice people making funny
gestures whenever they come closeto you, always seek for a close friend that would tell you the truth.

It goes along way in helping you solve the
Body odor is caused by unhealthy hygiene
practice such as unshaved hairs in the armpits,
genitals, dietary deficiencies not taking regular
baths daily thereby leaving sweat glands and other waste products on the body thereby causing body
odor.Here are home remedies and tips to help you
get rid of body odor and keep you clean and fresh.

1. Shave pubic hairs: Unshaved hairs on armpits
and genital parts serve as breeding homes for
bacteria which traps odours and reduce the
evaporation of sweats resulting to body odor.
Shaving your hairs at weekly intervals is necessary
to stop body odors.

2. Use vinegar after shower: Vinegars eg apple
cider vinegar or white vinegarcreate an acidic
environment for the bacteria to survive. After
shaving your underarms and pubic hairs, take a
shower and splash the vinegar on the shaved
areas. NOTE: Do not use this method on broken or
sensitive skins immediately after shaving because you may encounter skin burns.

3. Change your shoes: Consistent use of a pair of
shoes cause acc**ulation of bacteria to be
concentrated on the feet resulting in offensive odor.

When you change your shoes at least at daily
intervals , it allows air into the feet, expelling the
concentrated odor acc**ulated in the feet.

4. Witch hazel and tree oil: Just like vinegar, they
are good natural antiseptics, sterilizers and can
also serve as a deodorant. They create an
acidicenvironment by lowering the ph of the skin,
thus making it unfavorable for thebacteria to
survive. They should be applied to the armpits after
taking baths bysoaking cotton balls in the witch
hazel and tree oil.

5. Lemon juice and water: lemon juice is very acidic that’s why it needs to bediluted in water to reduce
its acidity. It makes bacteria survival difficult by
lowering the skin ph thereby preventing body odour.
After squeezing the juice out o the lemon and
diluting in half cup of water, use a cotton ball to
apply in your underarm after taking shower.

6. Dietary approach: Diets serve as home remedies
to get rid of body odors because a balanced diet
contains nutrients that add a lot of value to the
body.Some recommended dietary approach
include:-Drinking plenty water-Eat foods that are
rich in basic nutrients like fruits,vegetables, high
fiber foods.-Avoid junk foods, sugary foods, high
calorie foods eg butter, fried meats etc 

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