10 Most Effective Homemade Fairness Tips For Oily Skin

‘Oily Skin’ – as soon as we hear this, we start
imagining a dirty face with lots of marks, pimples,
patches etc. Isn’t it so? However, this is just a
myth that if one has oily skin, he/she can’t look

Skin is the most important asset of a person and
this is a trend that everybody wants to look fair
and want a glowing and healthy look and for this
everybody is ready to do anything even the people
having fair complexion try to look fairer and want
more glow. This trend is more common among
women as they are more conscious about their
complexion than men.

Skin is of different types like dry and oily and each
type has its own problems. If we talk about the
oily one then pimple, marks, patches etc. With
such problems, it loses its beauty and glow and
the individual losses her confidence and do not
want to go for parties and get together because
everyone wants to look beautiful and dazzling on
such events.

We usually rely on allopathic medicines and
ointments, as we have myths in our minds that
they work much more effectively than home
remedies. But this is not true.

We also go for the creams, tonics and other
medicines full of chemicals because we all have a
general concept that they have a spontaneous and
good effect but actually although they have a
spontaneous effect but this is temporary and they
do more harm than the benefit. While the home
made remedies although take long time to show
their effect but they are the only good way to cure
such problems as they have no side effects and
also have no cost.

Everyone in this world wants to look fairer,
glamorous and dazzling. So, here are some
homemade fairness tips for oily skin to help you
look much fairer and beautiful. We hope all of you
will like these tips. All of these items are easily
available at your home. So, get ready to work on
the following tips:

Quick and Easy Fairness Tips For
Oily Skin – Home Remedies For Fair
    1. Firstly, wash your face with cold water, 7-8
    times a day. Buy a facial cleanser for the oily skin
    type. Always try to pick those products that have
    natural ingredients in them. Try to buy organic

    2. Add a pinch of salt to the water when you are
    washing your face as salty water absorbs excess

    3. After washing your face, pat it dry as softly as
    you can. Do not pat your face harshly as it will
    hurt your skin. Also, if you have pimples, it will
    scratch them. Be as gentle with your skin as

    4. Buy a skin toner. One should do the Cleansing-
    Toning-Moisturizing regime daily i.e. clean your
    face with cleansing milk; after this, apply toner on
    your face. The toner completely cleans the skin
    and its pores, and also reduces pore size. This will
    reduce the chances of pimple occurrence. Also,
    buy a moisturizer for the oily skin type and
    moisturize your skin after toning.

    5. Now, here comes a typical home remedy. Take
    a cucumber and juice it. Next, add some drops of
    honey to it and apply. You will find instant fairness
    on your face.

    6. Here’s another tip, meant for daily basis. You
    can prepare a home-made face wash for yourself.

    Take one papaya and mash it. Add some drops of
    honey to it and mix well. Then, add 2-3
    tablespoons of milk to it. Now, apply this onto your
    face properly. After 30 minutes, wash it off with
    cold water and pat dry your face with cotton/a

    7. Here is a tip for non-vegetarians. You can apply
    egg white on your face twice a week. You can
    apply it as a fairness mask.

    8. Also, you should apply exfoliating walnut scrub
    on your face twice a week. This will remove the
    dirt stuck in your skin’s pores. This will also wash
    away the dry and dead skin. Thus, your skin will
    acquire a fairer complexion.

    9. Raw milk is really very effective to get a
    fairer skin tone. Many mothers use this formula
    for their babies.

    10. Last but not the least, take gram flour (besan),
    add a pinch of turmeric and saffron, and a little
    milk to it. Make a thick paste. Apply it on your face
    and leave for about 20-30 minutes, and wash it
    off. You will see an instant change in your
    complexion. No wonder why brides look so

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