Keeping A Healthy Heart

Cardiovascular disease (CVD ) continues to
be the world ’s biggest killer accounting for
one in three of all deaths ; so little wonder a
new drug -stated as the biggest
breakthrough since statins has been hailed
as a new dawn in heart treatment .

In Nigeria, more than 100 ,000 people will
suffer a heart attack every year, but until
now, cholesterol-lowering statins or blood –
thinning drugs have been the only
medicinal avenue available even though
half of heart attacks occur in people who do
not have high cholesterol at all, and a
quarter go on to suffer a second attack with
a year despite treatment.


1. Eat a Mediterranean diet
Following a relatively high ( good) fat
Mediterranean diet is one of the chief ways
to improve heart health by reducing
inflammation. Polyphenols ( plant -based
compounds) and Omega 3 fatty acids , which
can be found in certain foods help reduce
inflammation. Cutting out sugar is also key,
as too much glucose in the bloodstream
makes your body resistant to insulin, which
in turn increases inflammation .

2. Watch for gum disease
If your gums bleed when you brush or floss,
you most likely have oral inflammation .
Make an appointment to see your dentist
for a check-up and step up your oral

3. Get more sleep and exercise
Lack of sleep increases the level of cortisol
and blood glucose in the bloodstream
reduces your body ’s ability to deal with
stress. And chronic stress increases the
impact of inflammation in the bloodstream
even further. Regular exercise doesn ’t just
help to combat stress and improve the
quality of your sleep but reduces the
body’ s resistance to insulin which indirectly
affects inflammation too .

4. Stop smoking
Of course , the obvious one, quit smoking
because smoking is a pro-inflammatory .


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