Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu’s brother reveals IPOB next line of action

Emmanuel, brother of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the
Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has stated that
the group will forge ahead with its agitation.
He insisted that IPOB is non-violent yet strong
and will not be intimidated.

“Freedom is not given by the oppressor; it is
seized by the oppressed. As long as what we do
is in line with international laws, we will continue
with the struggle (for an independent state of
Biafra)”, he told Punch.

“We remain a non-arms-carrying group and also
a non-violent movement. We do not believe that
carrying arms will ever solve any problem. We
believe in genuine engagement; that’s what IPOB
stands for.
“The leadership and the entire membership of
IPOB are too intelligent to carry arms because we
know that violence has never solved any problem,
so we don’t believe in violence. This is Nnamdi
Kanu’s ideology: we don’t give and we cannot
take life. We don’t know anything about the said

On the whereabouts of his father and brother,
Emmanuel said Nigerians should ask the military.

“We strongly believe that the Nigerian Army
whisked them away because since the day the
soldiers invaded our house, we have not seen the
duo and have not communicated with them. The
army is in a better position to answer that

“They invaded our homes and took away many
people – both the dead and the living. So, we are
expecting them (the soldiers) to tell us their
whereabouts. We have been asking questions
about their whereabouts; we have yet to get any

“So, we believe the invading soldiers are the right
people to answer the question. They whisked
away about 15 of them. They killed two of my
cousins as well – they shot them dead in my
“The whole thing started on the morning of
September 14. First of all, they killed two of our
‘brothers’ in front of Diamond Bank, on Library
Avenue, opposite Abia State Government House
and took their remains away.
“After some investigations, we discovered that
they took the corpses to a mortuary at Isiala
Ngwa Local Government Area and dumped the
bodies there. I have photographs to prove that. My
community looks like a war zone up till now.
People are being harassed and dehumanised by
the soldiers every day.

“The soldiers are still in our community. We are
still looking for some of our members in the
community. Hopefully, before the end of the week
we would have concluded on the number of people
missing. If you visit my compound, you will
discover that everywhere is covered with blood –
even our dog, Jack, was shot dead.” 

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