World leaders anxious to hear Trump as UN assembly kicks off

World leaders open their annual debate at the
United Nations on Tuesday , eager to hear US
President Donald Trump deliver his maiden
address amid global anxiety over North Korea
and Iran.

Trump takes the podium at the General
Assembly just after Brazil’s Michel Temer ,
presenting his message to the world as he
pushes his nationalist “ America First” agenda.
At a first UN appearance on Monday, Trump
vowed to push for reform at the world body
that he once disparaged as a “club ” where
“people get together , talk and have a good
time. ”

On Tuesday, the US leader will outline his
foreign policy priorities, from confronting
North Korea over its nuclear and missile tests
to deciding the fate of the Iran nuclear deal.
A top White House aide said Trump will take
aim at “ rogue regimes that threaten world
stability and peace,” singling out Pyongyang
and Tehran during his 30 -minute remarks and
urging responsible nations to step in to curb
their behavior.

Trump will argue nation states should be free
to pursue their interests unfettered — a
contentious message for delegates to the
world’s foremost multilateral forum.
French President Emmanuel Macron, seen as
the face of a more confident post- Brexit
Europe, will also be making his first address to
the 193 -nation assembly.
His speech will likely offer a sharp contrast to
Trump’ s world view .

The French leader has embraced
multilateralism and even went so far as to turn
Trump’ s “Make America Great Again” slogan
into a motto in favor of climate protections:
“Make the Planet Great Again. ”
France is pushing Trump to reverse his June
decision to withdraw from the 2015 Paris
climate agreement and stick with a deal seen as
the UN ’s best achievement in years.

Seeking to shore up the climate deal, UN
Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will be
joined by Macron for a meeting on the
sidelines of the General Assembly later
Tuesday that the United States has decided to
boycott, unsurprisingly . 

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