What To Do If Atm Swallows Your Card

There are steps to protect your cards and what
you can do if the Automatic Teller
Machineswallows your card, according to
http:/ /echeck. org.

Wait for 10 minutes to restart :

As annoying as it
may be , I suggest you wait 10 to 15 minutes
first before doing anything . There is a good
chance the ATM machine software will reset on
its own and your card will spit back out.
Take note of the time , place and location : If
waiting for 10 to 15 minutes does not resolve
the issue, well move on to this . Note down the
time the machine swallowed your card and try
to be as specific as possible. Note the date , the
place you are , and the type of machine (if
possible ).

For example , is it an ATM outside a bank and /
or controlled and branded by the bank, or is it a
stand – alone ATM in the street, or an ATM in a
mall? Does it have a name , brand logo , and / or
any other details ?

I s there a number you can call on the machine
itself , or any helpful information that may be
relevant ? If so , you should make a note of it
and have a quick look at the ATM to see if it has
been tampered with . You may want to use your
phone to take a picture of the ATM and the
numbers on it so you can show a bank later.

Contact the bank account provider:

The bank or
institution you use will have its own rules and
own definitions. Some will say you have to raise
a claim with the bank, others will say that you
have to raise an inquiry , and some may say
your account is frozen and freeze your account
until the matter is resolved.

It is not wise to contact the ATM provider
unless the bank you use and the ATM provider
are the same company . In this case , your
problem may be resolved a little quicker. When
you raise the issue with your bank, they will
often contact the ATM provider ; but if you raise
it with the ATM provider , then they will refer
you to your bank and / or account provider.

If you can’t find the bank associated with the
ATM , look for the contact number on the ATM
( there usually is ) and call it for support. You
may be able to get a technician to come to the
location right away and deal with the issue.
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