Why Buhari is determined to kill all Igbos – MASSOB

MASSOB National Director of Information, Samuel
Edeson, made the claim while insisting that Buhari
harbours hatred for people of the South East.
The pro-Biafra group also claimed that the Buhari-
led government wants to use the exercise to kill
the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)
Nnamdi Kanu.

In an interview with the Punch, Edeson said:
“Operation Python Dance, also known as ‘Egwu
Eke,’ is a ploy by the Federal Government of
Nigeria, led by President Muhammadu Buhari, a
Fulani man, to wipe out the Igbo from the face of
the earth.

“It is simply a means for him to express his
hatred for the Igbo. All the while, we have been
complaining that Buhari hates Ndigbo. Now, the
hatred is clear for everyone to see. It is glaring to
everybody now. Before he came up with Operation
Python Dance, there was no crisis in the South-
East. The region was peaceful.

“It is unfortunate that he sent soldiers to the
South-East without the approval or consent of the
National Assembly. Ordinarily, that is an
impeachable offence. But Buhari did it because he
wants to kill our people.

“Even at that, when you say you are launching
Operation Python Dance, why did they go to
Nnamdi Kanu’s house?

” Since they say it is ‘python dance’, they should
be dancing in the streets; and whoever gets close
to them, they will have a reason to engage that
person. Operation Python Dance is nothing other
than a well-planned arrangement to eliminate the

Edeson insisted that the action of Soldiers in the
South East was premeditated and not as a result
of provocation from IPOB members.
“There is nothing like a provocation. The soldiers’
actions were premeditated. They acted according
to instructions. When you are engaged in ‘python
dance’, you don’t have to take your dance to
somebody’s house; you dance on the streets.

“The python is not supposed to dance in
somebody’s house. The soldiers have no
business invading Kanu’s house. In Igbo land, we
don’t live together with pythons because pythons
are harmful.

“Unfortunately, in this case, we don’t have the
capacity to kill them but the Almighty God in
heaven will come to our aid. We can’t live with
pythons. Human beings and pythons can’t live
together. They should leave us alone.” 

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