Nigeria youth: Celebrated abroad but despised at home

It gladdens my heart seeing the youths of
Nigeria occupy some top diplomatic positions
in global bodies, while also calling the shots in
development of affairs on the world stage.

However, talented Nigerian youths are being
celebrated abroad, it is disheartening that
these same youths of ours helplessly relegated
to the background in the scheme of political
and socioeconomic affairs of their own nation.
Nigerian youths, by no fault of theirs, are often
made to watch the political and leadership
affairs of our nation from the political gallery.

This lopsided architecture of our political
theatre and onslaught against the youths was
never by accident. But was perfectly drawn by
our past and current crops of leaders this
nation has been blessed with right from
independence. Youths on their parts have
visible but ignorantly endorsed this
underground plots through their actions and

The continuous silence and feeling of comfort
in the face of political leadership deprivation
authenticate this position. To sustain the
above, the political class employs different
strategies to ensure that the doors leading to
the ‘‘power arena” remains perpetually shut
against the youths thereby making attaining
leadership position a mirage. A very typical
and topical strategy that our seat tight
politicians are resting firmly on is the
asymmetrical and unbalanced provisions of the
1999 constitution. The smuggling of an entry
age to seeking any political position in the
country at 35 years and above could be best
described as defective, anti youths and

A glance through the 1999 Constitution shows
that, for one to be the president, a Nigerian
aspirant has to be at least forty (40) years and
above while senators and state governors has
to be aged 35 years and above. This is a very
big impediment to the political and leadership
voyage of the Nigerian youths.

The above positions our Constitution enshrined
without recourse to the fact that whoever that
is old enough to vote, should be considered
matured enough to be voted for. This
provision alone has positioned Nigerian youths
as politically endangered species. 

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