Here’s What You Probably Don’t Know About TrackR

It is a state-of-the-art
tracking device the size of a quarter . It’s
changing the way we keep track of the important
things in our lives.

How does it work?

It’s easy! Install the free TrackR app on your
smartphone, connect the app to your device and
you’re ready to go! Simply attach TrackR to
whatever you want to keep tabs on. The entire
process of setting it up only takes 2 minutes or
iOS & Andorid are supported

The Tracking Possibilities Are Endless!
Forget expensive GPS systems or tracking
services. Nobody wants to pay expensive
monthly subscription fees. We understand how
stressful these things can be, and this is the
reason why TrackR was created. This device is
your VIP when you need to take care of more
important things in life.

If you have
the TrackR , you can just hide it under your car’s
floor mat, in the trunk or in the glove
compartment. Somewhere it won’t be found if
your car gets stolen.
If you forget where you parked your car, whip
out your smartphone and open the TrackR app.
Tap on the “lost item” icon on the screen and the
app will tell you the exact coordinates of the last
known location of the TrackR. 

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