There should be more than 100,000 .ng domains by the end of 2017

President of the Association’s board, Sunday
Folayan made the prediction in the latest edition of
NiRA’s newsletter stating that the domain count for
Nigeria’s top-level country domain has continued
to grow, month-on-month.

“It is heart-warming that the number of domains in
the registry continues to grow in excess of 2,000
domains monthly. This is due to the hard work of
the Registrars and the Resellers, in making sure
that .ng continues to be the domain of choice for all
Nigerians. Thank you for your hard work in this
regard,” Folayan said, according to a Nigeria
CommunicationsWeek report.

“At the current rate, the number of active .ng
domains will cross the 100,000 mark between
October and November 2017. It is a milestone that
we will celebrate, and is worthy of being

Apart from the increased online presence and
visibility, this kind of milestone is also an economic
win for Nigeria’s fledgling tech ecosystem,
especially in these times of forex uncertainty.
NiRA board member and host of Channels TV ’s
Tech Trend show, Chukwuemeka F. Agbata , in an
email comment given to Pulse Tech puts its better:
“In terms of saving our scarce foreign reserves,
this is also good news. Assuming there was no
option of .NG, it will simply mean 100,000 X $10
(average cost of .com) = $1,000,000 saved
annually. This may appear insignificant now but it
becomes scary as the numbers go higher .” 

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