Here Are Five Ways To Make Clothes Look Expensive

1. Make sure your clothes are properly
tailored and ironed.
As simple as this tip may seem, it is easy for
one to get carried away with fashion trends
and whatnot, and end up wearing ill-fitting
clothes. Having a tailor fit your clothes to
your perfect size goes a long way of making
your clothes look more expensive. This is
not primary school where parents bought
clothes a size bigger when their kids were
growing too fast. Also, never leave the
house without ironing or steaming your
clothes properly. Look sharp.

2. Change the fasteners.
Fasteners like buttons and zippers can
change the look of your clothes. The devil
is in the details. Plastic buttons are super
cheap, and guess how they make clothes
look. Exactly. Get richer-looking buttons or
zippers (that won’t pop open without
warning). Your tailor can help you change

3. If you see the flaw, chances are that
others see it too.
That “little” crease or stain or tear that you
pretend is not there is bad. You see it;
others see it. Try to make sure your pieces
look new. The only piece of clothing that is
allowed to look distressed are your ripped

4. Invest in expensive, timeless pieces.
There is just something about structural,
gilded extras — whether a bag or jewellery
or both — that make you look like you
stepped out of pages of a magazine. You
may be wearing the most basic white tee
with jeans, but your statement watch or
strong metal bracelet, for instance, will
stand out and make the whole look seem
more expensive to people. Invest in
attention-grabbing trend items that will
become the focus of your outfit.

5. Keep it simple.
You know the saying that “more is less, and
less is more”. This should apply to the
clothes you wear. Expensive clothes are
mostly simple and well put together. One
strong colour from top to bottom not only
elongates and slims your figure, it also
makes your clothes look thoughtfully well-
put together.

Tip : Keep your head high and
shoulders straight. Regardless of what you
wear, everyone has their own personal
style and the way you carry yourself is a
large part of your style. So, stay confident!

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