Five Foods To Boost Your Mood Instantly

Here are five things you can eat to boost
your mood instantly:

1. Chocolate

Eating dark chocolate not only satisfies
your sweet tooth, it also makes you feel
happy. Thanks to the antioxidants in
chocolate, it helps reduce stress, lift moods
and trigger feelings of euphoria and can act
as an anti-depressant. Be careful though.
Overindulging in this will cause a few extra
pounds of weight to creep in.

2. Fish

Omega-3 fatty acids, found in fish and eggs,
may protect against the effects of stress. A
diet rich in oily, fatty fish can improve your
mood by keeping your brain cells flexible
and enabling the brain’s messaging
chemicals work more effectively, as omega3 fatty acids make up a large percentage of
our brain tissue. Omega-3s alter brain
chemicals linked with mood—specifically
dopamine and serotonin. (Low levels of
serotonin are linked with depression,
aggression and suicidal tendencies, while
dopamine is a “reward” chemical that the
brain releases in response to pleasurable
experiences, such as eating or having sex.)
Go for oily fish such as salmon, sardines,
mackerel or tuna to keep your brain
healthy and happy.

3. Coconut

Inhaling a pleasant scent enhances alertness
while soothing your response to stress.
Coconut meat is a rich source of protein
and fibre that provides energy to the body
and reduces feeling of fatigue. You can also
cook with coconut oil. Its wonderful scent
can enhance alertness and soothe our
stresses at the same time.

4. Fruits and vegetables.

A healthy diet also contributes to general
feelings of wellbeing, but some vitamins
and minerals especially, like Vitamin B, may
help to boost mood. In a recent study of
close to 3,500 men and women published in
the British Journal of Psychiatry, those who
reported eating a diet rich in whole foods in
the previous year were less likely to report
feeling depressed than those who ate lots
of desserts, fried foods, processed meats,
refined grains and high-fat dairy products.
Previous studies have shown that
antioxidants in fruits and vegetables and
omega-3 fatty acids in fish are associated
with lower risk of depression. Folate, a B
vitamin found in beans, citrus and dark
green vegetables like spinach, affects
neurotransmitters that impact mood. It’s
possible that the protectiveness of the
whole-food diet comes from a cumulative
effect of these nutrients.

5. Chewing gum

The repetitive action of gnawing on gum
can promote relaxation and reduce anxiety
and stress. Research suggests chewing on a
piece of chewing gum may help reduce
anxiety and even improve mood. Not only
may chewing gum relieve stress, but studies
suggest chewing gum can also increase
alertness and blood flow in the brain. Now
that’s something to chew on.
While no mood sticks around forever, if a
bad mood lasts for two or more straight
weeks, it might be a good idea to seek
professional help, as this could be a sign of
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