How to play gospel highlife praise on the piano

How to play gospel highlife praise on the piano
Before we begin I want to get rid of this

That there is a particular pattern that can play
all gospel praise songs.

There is no such pattern as this because a
particular pattern is based on a chord
progression; and you know that different songs
have their different progressions.

And I also want you to note that, different songs
have their own different progressions. So your
ears should be at work whenever you are
about to play. An easy way around this is for
you to reharse with our chordprogression

I hear this a lot of times from beginners:
“I’m good in playing worship but my problem is
playing praises”

The truth is you are not good in playing either
of them. Most people make that statement
because they have memorized playing a few
worship songs, then they feel they can handle
all worship songs. Go and listen to them play
then you would know hear how horrible they
sound. They sound horrible because they play
the wrong progressions to songs.

Let us begin:
Requirements for playing gospel highlife praise
You should be able to play the progression of
any song by just hearing it. I know this would
be very hard for beginners, you just have to
train your ears to know the right chords that
should accompany song.

You should be able to move swiftly between
chords. This is very important. You do not want
to be slowing down the rhythm simply because
you are unable to sound each chord correctly
at the right time. You should be able to go
swiftly from “doh to fah”, or from “fah to lah”
or from “reh to soh” or from “mi to lah” or
You should be able to play “accompany
chords” on the left hand and play the notes of
songs on the right hand. In other words you
should be able to solo and at the same time
accompany your solo with chords. It is very
simple, for a start you can use hymns to
Having knowing all these requirements,
How do you make all make your
accompaniment of gospel praise songs more

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