It’s very sad when you realize that a
particular key or some set of keys on your
piano has stopped functioning or gets broken.
It is not the end of the world. It could be
caused by dust or being hit by an external

The good news is that , it can be repaired. The
technicians who are into it call it “ key
servicng”. You can find people who would
service or repair your piano keys for you
around you.

They can be found at the market where you
bought your musical instrument. You take it to
them, wait and collect it. It’s not free ooo. The
amount you would pay depends on the quality
of your piano, the distance of the broken or
mute keys from each other.

The keys of the piano are interlocked with each
other. If two keys that are very close each
other stopped working, it is cheaper to repair or
service. If two keys that stop working or are
broken are far from each other, it would cost

This is because, if a key should stop working,
they would have to change about five keys
because that one key is interlocked with five

So if two faulty or broken keys are close to
each other, it is more economical to repair
because they would fall under the same five
set of keys that are interlocked with each

So if two keys that are far from each other are
broken or faulty, you might be have to replace
ten keys.

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