How to accompany Nigerian gospel praise on the bass guitar

We have different musical instruments and
they have their various ways of acompanying

The bass guitar is like the background of the
music that acts as the foundation for all other
musical instruments to to rest upon.
Therefore as a bass guitarist you need to
workwell with the correct timing of the song
and a regular groove .

How do you achieve this
1. Know the progression of the song
2. Improvise a suitable groove for the
We shall take 5 Nigerian gospel praise songs to

illustrate the points above:
1. Kosobabire, kosi bababire, koma solorun
bire Igwe
f d s
Now you can see that that song written above
has the progression of fah doh soh doh
That is “Igwe ” by mid night crew
Now that we have written the progression
below the song and we know the progression
of the song well. The next thig is to improvise a
very good groove from the progression. How
do we do that?

1. We would pick each notes of the progression
one after the other
2. We would find suitable notes that
corresponds with each of the notes of the
Let us pick the first note of the progression
which is “fah”, How do we know suitable notes
for it?
We can know them through the chord tone.
The Major chord for “fah” is fah lah doh
so therefore we can choose between “lah” and
Left to me alone i would choose only “doh”
Now lets go to the next note of the progression
which is doh
the major chord for “doh” is “doh mi soh”
Left to me alone I would choose only “soh” for
my improvisation.
The Next note on the progression is “Soh”
The major chord for “Soh” is “soh tii reh”
I would choose “reh”
Note that you can choose your notes from the
chords as you like, that is why it is called
Now let us go back to our song
Kosobabire, kosi bababire, koma solorun bire
f d s
(f d f) (d s d) (s r s)
(d s d

Now instead of playing the usual progression,
you have more notes to play , make sure you
play them in a manner by which it follows with
the timing of the song.  

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