Steps to create the tonic solfa of songs by yourself

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How to play gospel highlife praise on the piano

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Tonic Solfa of 10 yoruba praise and worship songs

Oba to joba lo L l d s s s (2x) M s s s m s l s m r R r m d d d Mi o... Read more »

Solfa notation of “If” by Davido

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How to accompany Nigerian gospel praise on the bass guitar

We have different musical instruments and they have their various ways of acompanying songs. The bass guitar is like the background of the music that acts as the foundation... Read more »

Tonic solfa of “You are great” by Steve crown

You are great(Steve Crown) Intro S t r d; s f m; s t; rm S f m r; s f m r; l s f m r t... Read more »

Chord progression in solfa notation of “Alagbara” by Onos

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Solfa notation of the NYSC(National Youth Service Corps) anthem

This is the tonic solfa of the NYSC anthem . As a member or prospective corp member of the scheme, you are expected to know it. Besides, what if... Read more »