Lexus, Volvo, Audi — 3 great choices when it comes to luxury SUVs

The SUV market has been booming for the
past few years, and that means the
luxury SUV market has also been on the

Business has gotten so good that brands
that never did SUVs in the past — Jaguar,
Lamborghini, Bentley, Maserati — are
getting into the game.

Consumers have more luxury SUV choices
than ever, so choosing the right vehicle can
be difficult. Over the past year, we’ve
sample three good choices: The Lexus RX
350, the Volvo XC90, and the Audi Q7.
They’re all excellent. So how to chose
among them?

THE LEXUS RX 350: This
midsize crossover SUV has
been in the Lexus lineup since
1998 and is perhaps the luxury
brand’s most important vehicle
in the US market, where SUVs
rule the road these days.
Pricing starts at about

THE VOLVO XC90: We chose
the XC90 as our 2015
Business Insider Car of the
Year, and for good reason. It’s
the best vehicle yet from Volvo
under the ownership of China’s
Geely, and it provide an
excellent combination of
performance, versatility, and
technology. Pricing starts at
about $48,000.

THE AUDI Q7: This big Audi is
a full-size luxury SUV, a bit
larger than either the RX 350
or the CX90. The extra space
is useful if you have a family
with a few more teenagers or
young adults. The level of
luxury is also a touch more
German: minimalist but
scrupulously engineered.
Pricing starts at about


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