Swedish Female physicist: Birth Control App More Effective Than Drugs

For over a year Elina Berglund
nuclear physicist has been fighting
authorities and malicious headlines.
Now her app will be the first in the
world to be approved as a

“It feels incredibly exciting that there
is now an approved alternative to
conventional pregnancy prevention
methods, and that it’s possible to
replace medication with technology,”
says a more than satisfied Elina
Berglund, who founded Natural Cycles
together with her husband Raoul

The approval comes from the German
inspection and certification
organization Tüv Süd, which has
classified the app in the medicinal
category of IIb. That means Natural
Cycles officially offers a new, clinically
tested alternative to birth control
methods such as contraceptive pills,
contraceptive implants and condoms.
2015 was a turbulent year for the
founding couple. The difficulties
peaked November 25 when the ruling
of the Swedish Medicinal Products
Agency reached their inbox. It
demanded that all talk of
contraceptive should be done away
with in ten days, while the agency
continued to investigate the matter.
The app’s users were informed two
days before Christmas.

“At that point it felt tough. Really
tough. After all, the app had been
developed for birth control,” Elina
Berglund told Veckans Affärer in an
interview during the summer of 2016.
On top of that, the information that the
Medicinal Products Agency was
investigating Natural Cycles leaked,
and from the peak revenue of
$280,000 in October 2015 they
experienced a dramatic decline.
”By December our revenues were

The storm continued: Frightening
headlines about Natural Cycles
attempting to trick young women who
lack the discipline to protect
themselves, along with strict
monitoring from the Medicinal
Products Agency.
Now, more than a year later, Elina
Berglund and her husband finally get
their long-awaited vindication. The
previous prognosis of doubled
revenues for 2016 was lost in the time
pending approval, but now it’s time to
strive onward again.
“We barely grew at all last year, so
now we’ll have to double up this year
instead and go from revenues of
about SEK 18 million to SEK 36

The plans of a big scale launch in the
US will have to wait pending approval
from the American regulatory agency,
FDA. Instead, Natural Cycles will go
’all in’ into the UK, which is already
one of the biggest markets for the
Natural Cycles calculates daily fertility
with an algorithm.
To use the app, women measure the
temperature underneath their tongues
every morning and enter the
measurement into the app. An
algorithm developed uniquely for the
app then determines whether you’re
fertile or not that day, so that you
know if you risk pregnancy by having
unprotected sex.

Natural Cycles has over 150,000
users in 161 countries and a clinical
study has proved that using the app is
as effective as a method of birth
control as being on the pill. 

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