Finally! DonainKing Apologizes For Disruption Of Services In February

DomainKing, a web hosting company faced huge set-back early 2017 leading to disruption in their hosting services causing loss of client websites, reputation, etc.

DomainKing bounced back online in April and surprisingly sent a 4 paged apology email t0 all her client..

here are excerpts of the email sent to me in particular…

Enahoro Thomas, Please accept our Apology

We are writing this email to apologize for service
disruption in February on our platform.
Dear Enahoro Thomas,
Warmest greetings of the Season from
DomainKing.NG Team! We hope you are doing well!.

We are writing this email to apologize for the
service disruption that occurred in February on our

We owe you a big apology for our service disruption
in February that had affected our support &
services at DomainKing.NG. We really messed it up
& we know it.

We know this apology may be coming very late
from us, but we are sincerely very sorry for the
inconveniences & problems caused to you by our
service disruption. We seriously understand the
trust you place in us & our responsibilities as a
Hosting Service Provider. And I cannot express how
sorry I am that we were not upto the level that you
expect from us.
Reason for Service Disruption
Our services were affected because a client who
had registered a domain with us, abused our
services to defraud an organization in India. Being
the service provider of the domain, we were
involved in legal trouble with the authorities in India.

Due to this, we were not able to provide full support
to you in February. We have responded to the
concerned agency and have provided them with the
requested information on the abusive client.
Our support & services were restored in March. But
there were still some issues with our backend
system which affected some of our services. It took
a while for us to fully restore these services as we
have been working on improving our system to
detect abuse & fixing the bugs. All these issues
have now been fixed.

You can now Register New Domains, Buy Hosting,
Manage your Existing Domains & Hosting without
any problem.
Data Safety
We know the importance of the safety & security of
your website & your data. We assure you that none
of the customer data or hosting data were affected
by this situation.
Keeping you Informed
Since our inception, providing…..

Yours Sincerely,
Karan Singh

Certified Web designer, Computer/Internet
Enthusiast. I believe in Creativity.
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