Best Way To React When You Run Into An Ex

Naturally the relationship fades off and the
partners drift apart, becoming strangers once
again after having exposed their hearts and souls
to each other.

Ending a relationship does not mean that partners
will never again see each other. No matter how far
you physically drift apart from someone because
things did not work out between you and them,
there is still a chance that you will run into them at
some point sooner or later.
When that time comes, how will you react towards

Yes, the circumstance of your breakup might be
really acrimonious and nasty and all that stuff, but
you need to remain dignified nonetheless.
Saying hello like a civil person does not make you
friends with that ex and really, you don’t even need
to be friends with them if you don’t want to.
But because they messed up or did you really dirty
does not mean you have to lose common decency
like them.

It’s only a brief greeting, guys. It speaks volumes
of your maturity and civility if you can pull this off
when you see an ex, especially the one that
messed up big time.
Stay classy, guys, say hello to that ex when you
run into him or her. 

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