Read How smartphone can aid your efficiency

Smartphones are amazingly useful machines.
Indeed, they are not just called smart for
nothing. That device in your hands could do so
much more than you know it is capable of, yet
most of us miss out on some of these
incredible functionalities.

Interestingly, research shows that the majority
of smartphone users explore less than 40 per
cent of the utility of these devices. Whereas the
majorities are comfortable with making calls,
watching online movies or taking that
occasional selfie; there is a lot more benefits
locked in your smartphone.

Speak any language:

You probably didn’t
know this but with your smartphone, you can
easily speak and understand any language – a
task that some of the world’s most prolific
linguists will struggle at. If you are using an
Android phone, all you need to do is use
Google Now to translate a word, phrase or
sentence for you from any language of your
choice. The most interesting part is that, you
can even get both a spoken and written
response. Amazing, right? You can also use the
app – iTranslate which can be downloaded on
iOS, Windows Phone and Android, for the
same purpose.

Measure your heart health :

With the
growing cases of heart-related ailments, the
importance of monitoring one’s heart health
cannot be over-emphasized. Your smartphone
can help you achieve this without taking a trip
to the doctor. With apps such as Cardiio or
Blood Pressure Companion, you can measure
your heart rate blood pressure and overall
level of cardiovascular health and fitness.
Some of these apps can also take voice memos
for symptom tracking and help you take note
of any drastic changes or readings that may be
a cause for concern.
Prevent drunk driving (and potential
accidents) : You are probably out for a party,
had a few drinks and not too sure you can
comfortably drive yourself home. Not to
worry! You can know for sure if you are too
inebriated to get behind the wheels with a
smartphone app. A very good example is the
Smartphone Breathalyzer, which can measure
the alcohol on your breath in just five seconds,
then wirelessly sends your Blood Alcohol
Content (BAC) reading to your iOS or Android
smartphone. Through this and similar apps,
you can predict how long it will take for your
BAC levels to return to zero per cent. The most
interesting part of this is you can even use
them to book an Uber ride!

Find out what song is playing:

You have just
heard that memorable tune on the radio or on
a stranger’s device and wish to find out the
artiste or song title. That’s an easy task. With
apps such as Shazam or SoundHound installed
on your smartphone, you’ve got all you need to
identify a song as it’s playing. Furthermore, a
number of platforms such as Google, Apple and
Microsoft have song identification tools built
right into their respective virtual assistants, so
you can just use Google Now, ask Siri or tap
the Music Search icon inside Cortana for the
same purpose.

Scan a document:
These days, you don’t need
to invest in a large flatbed scanner to scan that
urgent document. With your smartphone, you
have the perfect, convenient tool for this. Just
open your smartphone camera, which
effortlessly becomes a makeshift scanner. Once
you snap the document, you can save it as an
image and share with the intended recipient.
The higher the resolution of your smartphone
camera, the better the quality; with Google
Drive and apps such as CamScanner and
Evernote, you can go further by converting
scanned images into PDF files and read the text
in them.

Remote lock or wipe your lost phone :
pain of losing one’s phone is often
excruciating. The possibility of unauthorised
access to your data and sensitive information
makes this loss even more depressing. If you
are using an Android smartphone, you can use
the Android Device Manager to track and take
control of your phone, in the event that you
lose it. What’s more, you can use the Android
Device Manager to ring your phone, remotely
lock it or even factory reset it if you know
you’re never getting it back.


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