Here’s how to know you ‘re the problem in your relationship

1. You’re negative most times**

If you are in a relationship and you see most
negativity more than positivity, you might need to
watch it.

Negativity doesn’t brew productivity, it eats you
alive. If a problem arises and you can’t work with
your partner or see past the mistake, you may be
holding back your relationship without even
knowing it.

However, if you and your partner and are
presented a situation that you can’t seem to look
past, this is a sign you may be holding back your

2. You often cut communication lines**

When you are in a relationship, communication is
undoubtedly the most important thing.
So you need to have another look at yourself in the
mirror if you regularly block off communication
with your partner when you both reach a patch in
your relationship.

Difficult times in relationships or marriages are
meant to be maneuvered by both partners, so as to
reach an agreeable conclusion.

It is wrong to close yourself off and deal with
issues alone at difficult times without your
partner’s point of view being put in consideration.

3. You’re stuck in the past**

One other way to know that you are a major
contributor to your won relationship problems is if
you are still grappling with issues from the past
when your partner has already moved past them.
If you are the type that quickly drags your partner
down memory lane to some issue that has become
unnecessary to talk about, it might be time to
change and concentrate on the happiness of the
present, instead of eliciting acrimonious
circumstances that you and your partner had at
some point agreed to leave in the past.

If you find yourself guilty of one or more of these
faults, and you think they can’t be fixed, it might be
time to find your way out of that relationship. 

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