5 things that first dates do not guarantee

Below we list 5 things that are not guaranteed on
first dates [or second or third].

1. Relationships••

It sounds ridiculous that anyone would expect a
relationship immediately after the first date, right?
Well, different strokes for different folks and as the
#KeepTheChangeBae story shows, there are
people who genuinely see first dates as
confirmation of dates.
This kind of thought pattern is wrong on all levels.
Don’t do it.

If a relationship springs out from your first date,
fine. But don’t go there expecting it like a right
compulsorily yours by virtue of the constitution.

2. Sex**

Many first dates must have ended in sex but that
is still not license to go on every first date,
expecting to get laid afterwards.
If it happens by consent of both parties, fine. There
is no guarantee though, and you have to bear this
in mind every time you go out with someone for
the first time.

3. Transport fare**

This is more of an issue with women. If a guy asks
you out on a date, he is not obliged – I say that
again, he is not obliged – to pay for your fare back
Nevertheless, it is a gentlemanly thing to do, and it
is advisable for all guys, to offer to pay for their
date’s t-fare home.

But where a guy does not offer, he can’t be held by
force to do so. Just as a guy can’t hold a girl to
forcefully have sex with him after a first date.
This is why people have come up with the idea of
vex money. [Backup cash when going on a date]

4. Expensive restaurants and stuff
It is understandable that standards are high and all every man/woman should be classy enough to
take their date somewhere decent but sadly,
everyone is not classy [even though some appear

Decent places and fine dining are also not a
guarantee at dates. [Unfortunately]
But of course, when someone takes you to a really
terrible place for a date, you know better than go
on another date with such person without
assurances of better options.

5. Fun**

No matter how great someone is while you are
chatting with them, or how wonderful your phone
and video calls are, dates might prove a different
ball-game entirely.
So, when going on a date, prepare for the worst-
case scenarios and how to get out when things get
unbearably boring.

Just as in life generally, there are no guarantees
when on dates.

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