There are 4 types of relationships ; which is yours?

Couples everywhere in the world can be
categorized in just one of the four categories listed

1. The ‘endless drama’ couple**

This kind of couple have a kind of relationship
which is heavily influenced by everything but their
significant other.
This makes them full of drama – one pops up just
as another is being put to bed.

The emphases placed on individuality is far too
unhealthy for the relationship to thrive because the
couple here make spur of the moment decisions
based on issues outside of your relationship, spend
far too much time away without consulting one
another or trying to do things as a couple.
According to Ogolsky, “These couples have a lot of
ups and downs, and their commitment swings
The people in this type of relationship have double
chances of breaking up than others.

2. The ‘social butterflies’**

In this type of relationship, the couple roll in the
same social circles, know the same set if people
and find joy and happiness in the same things.
They share same interests and have only few
friends that are not mutual.

“Having mutual friends makes people in these
couples feel closer and more committed,” the lead
researcher says.

This is a great category to belong to because in
the long-term, this couple is likely to last because
they share things that have the potential to really
keep them together.

3. The ‘always fighting’ couple**

Couples like this are easy to spot because they are
very common – the type that goes on and off
almost all the time.

One day they are in your faces on social media as
the sweetest couple ever, the next they are having
a terrible, ugly fight… and before you know it they
atre back again.

Everyone wonders why they are even in a
relationship when they seem to hate on each
other’s existence, but truth is when “conflict
pushes [them] apart… passion drives them right
back into each other’s arms.”

There always appears to be something that keeps
pulling the couple back to each other, only to tear
them apart and begin the cycle again.

4. The “eyes for each other” couple**

In this kind of relationship partners love spending
time with each other, they do almost everything
together and seem to have an unbreakable bond
which appears to grow stronger with time.
Outside influences do not affect how partners see
each other or how they relate. The couple in this
kind of relationship just has eyes for each other
and it is easy to see.

According to the research, this is the kind of
relationship and partners who this type will surely
enjoy more relationship satisfaction.
Fortunately, all hope is not lost as the scientists
also add that while you may belong in one
category, you could work on the flaws in your
relationship and fall in another category.
Every couple should aim for the type of relationship
in number four above, they conclude. 

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